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How to delete a message from all Yo WhatsApp users?

Have you ever sent a wrong message to someone or a group? Do you want to delete that wrong message?

In Yo WhatsApp you have the option to delete messages only for yourself or for everyone. Do you feel particularly embarrassed when you accidentally send the wrong message to the wrong contact or group and want to delete the message immediately?


Here are the steps to delete a message for everyone

  • Open the chat page and select the message you want to delete.
  • Then press and hold the message and a menu will appear at the top of the page to select the delete option (here you can select more messages and delete multiple messages at once).
  • Once you have chosen to delete, three options will appear. Delete for me / Cancel / Delete for all. Just click on the Delete for all option.
  • The message is deleted. And the message will be replaced by “You have deleted this message”.

If you are the administrator of a group, you can also delete incorrect or problematic group messages, regardless of who sent them. This allows groups to post messages in a more regulated manner and prevents any group member from sending inappropriate or illegal messages to annoy others. When an administrator deletes a post, it will be replaced with “This post has been deleted by an administrator”.

Steps an administrator can take to delete a message.

  • Open the chat page and select the message.
  • Hold down and tap on the message.
  • Select the delete option.
  • Select Delete All.
  • Press OK.


This action does not completely guarantee that the message has been deleted. Because the recipient may have viewed the message before you deleted it, it is possible that the multimedia message you sent was saved in the other person’s local album.
You have two days after sending the message to delete it for everyone.
If the message has been deleted by an administrator, it cannot be recovered.
The procedure is more or less the same whether you are an Android, iOS or web user.

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